Taylor Marie Valenzano

Taylor Marie Valenzano
January 20, 2001 – April 17, 2001

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Her Story
The story of our sweetie Taylor Marie

From the frist moment we saw our sweetie it was love. It has only been a month since we lost our daughter to sids. She was only 3 months old, it was her second day of day care. I can’t stop the thoughts that run through my mind every day and wish she was still here with mommy and daddy. Taylor was our first daughter. She was a special girl a very happy baby always smiled and cooed to mommy and daddy, we knew how lucky we were. I don’t think I will ever understand why she had to leave us.

I want to share a special moment we had that made us feel a little better not that we will ever be better with out our sweetie, our angel. At Taylor’s burial, we released butterflies it was a special moment and we played the song, “In the Arms of the Angels.” One of the butterflies would not leave us and stayed on our hands, mommy and daddy, through the rest of the service and then flew down and stayed next to Taylor’s coffin as if our sweetie was telling us it’s ok she was with us, it was okay to leave her there.

I go on to have many more experiences with butterflies that make me think of her smile and beauty . One more time that I was dreading, the day was the first day I would see her name on the marker in writing. I had went to the cemetery, I go there often, I drove up and saw it was there I was so scared I almost could not get out of the car. I walked over and just cried when I was sitting there and crying, this small butterfly started to circle Taylor’s grave . That butterfly stayed there and when my husband showed up the butterfly stayed and I showed him it must be a sign that our sweetie is okay and she wants us to be okay. I have a lot of sad moments but I wanted to share something special because that is what our sids children are, special little butterflies of hope. Don’t ever forget the beauty of our children, they will never forget us.

If you need to talk please write back in this month of memories it helps to talk about it.

Thank you Donna and Tom, Taylor’s parents