Emma Kate McNulty

Emma Kate McNulty
November 19, 1998 – March 11, 1999

Contact Name : Jessica McNulty
From : Florida
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Her Story
My daughter Emma was born November 19, 1998. The happiest day of my life. Emma smiled from two weeks on, I know that people say it was just gas, but I know it was a smile. She never cried, she never slept, and she always had a sweet diposition. I went back to work after Emma was born. She stayed three days a week with family and two times a week with a daycare provider. My day was so hard, I would be late for work dragging out the time I spent with her in the mornings, and I ran over anyone in my way to get to her after school let out. I remeber the day I got the call. I was standing in my office talking about Spring break that was starting the next day, and that the three of us were flying up north, and my phone rang. It was the babysitters neighbor, I needed to get to the hospital immediately. They had just rushed her there because she wasn’t breathing. I got in my car and I knew, it was too late. I could feel it.

March 11, 1999, the light of our lives was gone. Why? That was all I could think. What did I do wrong? I later found out that the baby was placed on her stomach to sleep, and never woke up from that nap. They told me she was a SIDS baby. SIDS… when they can’t figure it out it is SIDS. I wanted more of an answer. I almost wished the autopsy would have found something, something that I could understand. But it just wasn’t there. Just this cause of death that barely gets mentioned in most baby books.

It is now 10 months later, and I find myself looking at babies and wonder how beautiful would she be now? People look at us like how sad and unfortunate for them, I know that what happened is the worst thing that could and can ever happen to anyone , but I also know that we were lucky. Emma is my little girl and always will be. She will always be a big part of our family. Every day that passes we talk to her and I know she knows. I miss my little girl. She is an angel. I wish that I could change the past, I know I can’t, and it is now my job to keep her memory alive and make sure that people know that Emma’s memory will always be alive. We also believe that my husband and I have a job to educate as many people about SIDS as possible.